Baumeister 12/2016 English Version


„Stoffwechsel“ curated by David Chipperfield Architects Berlin and the Institute for Public Building and Design at the University of Stuttgart

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Imitation and Repetition Observations on Gottfried Semper’s „Theorie des Stoffwechsels“

  • Hannah Jonas
  • Adrian von Buttlar
  • Klaus Jan Philipp
  • Harry Francis Mallgrave
  • Günter Figal
  • Michaela Ott
  • Kärin Nickelsen and Claus Spenninger
  • Louise Wagner
  • Catherina Wenzel

Finding the Familiar in the New – A Series of Photos Taken in the Shell of the James Simon Galerie

  • Stephan Trüby
  • Ute Zscharnt

Knowing and Not Knowing –  The James Simon Galerie on the Museum Island, Berlin

  • David Chipperfield and Alexander Schwarz
  • Ute Zscharnt
  • Konstantin Wenzel
  • Alexander Schwarz

14 Solutions: 

  • Facade
  • New Products
  • Forging Quality: A Visit to Rathscheck Schiefer