Baumeister 05/2018 English Version


We are pleased to present our readers with a very special Baumeister magazine: David Adjaye’s guest-curated May issue. In this issue, Adjaye primarily examines the impact climatic, geographical and regional conditions have on architecture. As the son of a diplomat who grew up in many different places, he takes a personal look at his African roots and explores the question of what the definition of home and identity can look like in a globalised world.

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  • Climate Moderators
  • Africa Architecture
  • A Place in the Sun

Case Studies

  • Building the Future and the Past. Lucio Costa in Brazil
  • Synthesis of East and West. Sakakura Junzo in Japan
  • A Gathering Place for the Nation. Louis Kahn and Charles Correa in India and Bangladesh
  • Between Outdoor and Indoor. Alvar Aalto in Finland
  • Place and Circumstance. Alison and Peter Smithson in the UK


  • A Personal Journey. Interview with David Adjaye
  • Sugar Hill in New York
  • Aishti Foundation in Beirut
  • International Finance Corporation (IFC) in Dakar
  • Latvian Museum in Riga
  • Apartment Building in Munich